Little League® is the world’s largest organized youth sports activity and celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2014.  The program operates worldwide on six continents and is one of the most recognizable youth sports brands in the world. 

Little League is open to players of all skill levels and backgrounds, and no one is excluded from playing on any basis, including an inability to pay registration fees.  Little League programs provide the opportunity for kids from age 4-18 to play on fields in their home communities and with their friends and neighbors.  Many leagues include three and four generations of families who have played in the same leagues.

While many people become aware of Little League based on the tournaments that are conducted each year, culminating in World Series competitions covered by ESPN and ABC, the millions of kids who participate in local leagues depend on the thousands of volunteer adults who run the leagues and maintain the fields.  While Little League International has a small paid staff to administer the global and regional programs, Little League would not exist without the selfless commitment of its volunteers.

FOSER has been created primarily to support the efforts of these volunteers to provide a quality experience for the kids in the Little League program.  By creating a supportive but independent organization, directed by the volunteer District Administrators in the Region, FOSER is able to focus on projects and programs that benefit the local leagues and volunteers they represent as well as enhance activities through the Region Headquarters in Warner Robins, GA.

By funding educational programs – both at the region headquarters and utilizing available technology and distance learning – as well as expanding the availability of services to support leagues and volunteers, FOSER is created to make the resources of the Region Headquarters more accessible and strengthen Little League programs throughout the southeastern United States.