FOSER’s primary objective is to identify supporters and interested corporate partners willing to invest in the strengthening of volunteer activities associated with Little League’s Southeastern Region.  Local leagues already employ a number of fundraising activities to support their local operations and keep registration costs as low as possible.  Few leagues have the ability to provide a full range of training and support for these dedicated volunteers.  FOSER will provide the means to leverage the capacities of the Region Headquarters as well as training and support activities not currently available or practical for local leagues.  While we anticipate that many dedicated supporters of Little League® in the Southeast will contribute to FOSER, we also believe that corporations with a direct interest in encouraging volunteerism, supporting youth sports and fostering strong communities will find a worthwhile investment in supporting our work.

While there are many corporations who have sponsorship arrangements directly with Little League International, FOSER provides the unique opportunity to target support for programs that enhance the fundamental work of Little League in the eight states of the Southeastern Region.  FOSER corporate supporters will have the opportunity to both associate with Little League operations in the Southeast and support volunteer activities by many of their customers at a community level.  In addition to recognizing the contributions of supporting corporations when programs are developed throughout the Region, significant corporate supporters will also have opportunities to be recognized at Regional tournaments through activities and events organized by FOSER.


FOSER will both solicit proposals for funding and initiate programs that are consistent with its goals.  Here are some areas of potential activity -

  1. Regional Training Seminars -  The Region Headquarters staff has the experience and ability to provide first-rate training for league officials and local boards.  These training programs are limited because of expenses in producing them and in getting volunteer officials to Warner Robins from states that are, in some cases, hundreds of miles away.  FOSER can provide financial support for training seminars and help defray costs associated with participation by volunteers.
  2. Traveling Seminars – The region staff organizes weekend seminars on a rotating basis in the states of the region.  Currently – because of staff and budgetary limitations – these roadshows occur only once every one to two years in each state.  FOSER can provide support for more frequent and diversified events, as well as support promotion of the events to local leagues and assist with any expenses that increase attendance.
  3. Distance Learning – FOSER is interested in greatly expanding the capacity of the region to use available and emerging technology to provide training and educational support for volunteers and leagues on a regular basis.
  4. Speakers Bureau – FOSER can provide financial support to attract prominent baseball and softball experts and personalities to speak at events organized in districts and communities in the Southeastern Region.  These events can both provide educational opportunities for existing volunteers and leagues and also help market Little League in local communities.
  5. Internship program – FOSER can provide support for the creation of internships at the region headquarters, which would enhance the capacity of the existing staff and provide opportunities for volunteers to increase their understanding of Little League operations.