Frequently Asked Questions about projects

Who is eligible?

Any 501(c)(3) Little League Baseball or Softball league or district within the Southeast Region of Little League is eligible to be awarded Project Funding.

When do applications need to be submitted?

FOSER runs a variety of Project Funding Cycles.  The initial cycle of 2017 opened February 5, 2017 and continues through March 10, 2017.  Project Funding Request Application and supporting documentation must be received by March 10, 2017.  Requests may be submitted to FOSER@FOSER.ORG.  Please include the words "Project Request" in the subject.  Applications may also be mailed in to our address on our Contact Us page.

Will late applications be accepted?

Late applications will not be accepted, however, any received after March 10, 2017 will be held for the next funding cycle.

When will awards be made?

Project Funding Awards will be made as quickly as possible.  For the initial cycle of 2017, award notifications will be made no later than April 1, 2017.