Strategic Goals of FOSER


  1. Programs/Services:  To design educational and training programs that utilize content available from Little League International as well as other youth sports sources, and to effectively conduct these programs throughout the Region.

  2. Organizational Development/Governance:  To build a strong infrastructure from the Board to the state level, in order to strengthen FOSER’s bonds with State District Administrators and, through them, with local leagues; to use this organizational structure to establish direct support for the development and implementation of successful training and education programs, and through feedback through these channels to enhance effectiveness of these programs and appropriate use of resources.

  3. Marketing/Communications:  To increase awareness of FOSER in Southeastern States and local communities to build support and understanding of FOSER’s mission.

  4. Fundraising:  To identify regional and local partners to support FOSER’s work and expand capacity to more effectively assist Districts and leagues.